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Majority Capital Announces New Regional Office in Austin, TX

by | Jul 17, 2018 | News, Prager, Press release

Majority Capital is pleased to announce an expansion of its national presence with a new regional office in Austin, TX. Majority Capital Co-Founder Lawrence Prager, originally from Dallas and a University of Texas alumnus, has relocated to run the company’s Austin operations.

?”I am excited to open this new chapter in Majority Capital’s development. Austin is a vibrant, growing city. It’s great to be back in my home state of Texas. Our presence here provides greater proximity to many of the middle market commercial real estate owners we seek to serve,” said Lawrence.?

Ryan Fishman, Majority Capital’s head of business development and also a Texas native and UT alum, said, “Having Larry head up the new regional office is our contribution to Keep Austin Weird.”

Majority Capital’s Austin location is:

809 Cuernavaca Dr N
Austin Texas, 78733
(512) 539-0544

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